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Handwriting Analysis Capital Letters. Visit the link below. Disassociated conduct, little affective harmony, conflicts, parasite tendencies. As stated earlier, these people are very hard to deal with. April Handwritten Cyrillic script Adyghe Latin alphabet, used between and , was based on Latin script, but did not have capital letters, being unicameral Writing systems using two separate cases are bicameral scripts. They indicate the changes the writer suffers and unbalance before outer events. Attitude of disguise due to interest, opportunism. The invention of lowercase is granted to Alcuin of York, teacher of Charlemagne, who in order to facilitate the learning to the Emperor used Caroline minuscule, named after Charlemagne in his honor. Tied to the past, calculating and interested attitude that disguises intentions. In any caseā€¦ not good. If you are abusive and want a partner to be totally dependent on you, perhaps you need a partner with a low self-image. Feel free to share it with your contacts if you found it useful. Ascenders as in "h" and descenders as in "p" make the height of lower-case letters vary. It affirms that instinctive impulses are repressed.

This trait is very common in both men and women who struggle in relationships. This o belongs to the pathological liar. When the oval is dented, it indicates sorrow, worry and pain. Remember: people are the sum of all their parts.

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Main article: Capitalization Capitalisation is the writing of a word with its first letter in uppercase and the remaining letters in lowercase. If letter A is complicated or exaggerated, he tries to pretend a simplicity that is not real. He demands being recognized, whishes occupying a large space and standing out.

Since most people consistently use primarily one emotional outlay, I consider the variable slant writer unusual and unpredictable. Feels pressured by the reality he dislikes. It is the fear of disapproval. Anyone that has a big looped d has also developed some powerful defense mechanisms to guard such an open wound.

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The names of the days of the week and the names of the months are also capitalised, as are the first-person pronoun "I" [7] and the interjection "O" although the latter is uncommon in modern usage, with "oh" being preferred.

It means openness to give as well as to receive unconditional communication.

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