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Indeed, the whole structure of this picture, with its conglomeration of experiences, all interlocked with personal anguish, follows a classic plan.

Its re-release allows a new generation to see how simple, direct and true it is--"what was so special about it.

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One of the Oscar nominees for best foreign film is " Children of Heaven ," from Iran, about a boy who loses his sister's shoes. Lianella CarellBurno.

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Who cannot identify with that? The poll is held every 10 years; by , it was down to a tie for sixth, and then it dropped off the list. Ricci, waiting for her impatiently, finally leaves his bicycle at the door while he climbs upstairs to see what's keeping her; De Sica is teasing us, since we expect the bike to be gone when Ricci returns, and it's still there. Based on a novel by Luigi Bartolini, it is simply the story of a poor working man whose essential bicycle is stolen from him and who hunts feverishly to find it throughout one day. Ricci and his small, plucky son Bruno Enzo Staiola search for the bicycle, but that's an impossible task in the wilderness of Rome, and the police are no help. This is poverty's authentic sting: banal and horrible loss of dignity. His story is lean and literal, completely unburdened with "plot," and written by Cesare Zavattini with the camera exclusively in mind. Although he has again set his drama in the streets of Rome and has populated it densely with significant contemporary types, De Sica is concerned here with something which is not confined to Rome nor solely originated by post-war disorder and distress. Enzo StaiolaThe Medium. Faces always gather avidly around the pair, all commenting, complaining and generally magnifying the father and son's distress and mortification. A man loves his family and wants to protect and support them. The wheel of life turns and grinds people down; the man who was riding high in the morning is brought low by nightfall. One of the Oscar nominees for best foreign film is " Children of Heaven ," from Iran, about a boy who loses his sister's shoes. The man is a modest bill-poster; he must have a bicycle to hold his newly found job; he has a wife and small son dependent on him; the loss is an overwhelming blow. For once more the talented De Sica, who gave us the shattering Shoeshine , that desperately tragic demonstration of juvenile corruption in post-war Rome, has laid hold upon and sharply imaged in simple and realistic terms a major—indeed, a fundamental and universal—dramatic theme.

As directed by De Sica, however, the natural and the real are emphasized, with the film largely shot in actual settings and played by a non-professional cast. Lamberto MaggioraniMaria. But the lesson is not learned.

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