Scarlet letter writing activities

Oral Presentations will be graded according to the students': communicative skills, sequencing of ideas, content of the presentation, and critical persuasive techniques. But in our modern world, Puritanical ethics and "slut-shaming" still reign, making this Letter one that still needs to be spelled out.

The Letter "A" that Hester Prynne wears will be a core to the activities that will be used in class through letting the students guess the meaning of the letter, in addition to letting them wear it out of experience. Particularly if the teacher encourages students to wear their letter around school, this activity is memorable.

What is the students' position with respect to sexual relationships and what governs them? And when you've finishedabove, go ahead and consider the questions below: Do you have any information on your graphic organizer that wasn't touched upon in the discussion?

Discuss Hawthorne's use of symbolism in The Scarlet Letter. Read the first six chapters of The Scarlet Letter 2. Ask for comments from the audience on the credibility and authenticity of how Pearl is portrayed in each original piece.

american literature scarlet letter

Leave a comment. Related Papers. Discover more details about The Scarlet Letter below. Each student will be asked to pick up an adjective that they think it relates to them, and justify why.

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Printable Lesson Plan On The Scarlet Letter