English language a level coursework analysis

Second, the writers are not the same - this introduces a vast range of variables into the alleged comparison.

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We can't give you a mark for a first draft. Though even here, other variables emerge as the translators bring in ideas from their own time, culture or religious understanding. You may exclude your title page and any appendixes, but must state this. Look at the sample investigations If you don't know what a good investigation looks like, you will have no idea what you are aiming for.

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Use the textbooks, student handbooks and emagazine archive for ideas. This is a useful device: for instance, you might raise interest before identifying the actual subject e.

English language a level coursework analysis

Title: An investigation into the language used by politicians in resignation speeches Introduction: My investigation focuses on the language used by politicians in speeches when resigning as leader of their party. Eat My Shorts, Springfield Press. Conceptual links to other areas of the specification — useful ways to approach this topic to set students up for topics later in the course The independent investigation is essentially synoptic, and should enable students to demonstrate and synthesise the understanding they have gained in other units. If you set out to 'prove' that women do x and men do y, you'll probably come unstuck because different people behave very differently in different situations. However, what you show will be very much dependent on the area of language that you are exploring. Will it be specific features of language within these headings, such as adjective use, tag questions, hedging, narrative structures etc? Showing them projects from previous cohorts of students even if from a different specification can be a useful way of illustrating the nature of a language investigation. Have attitudes shifted? The example here comes from a student whose subject is not especially difficult - perhaps most students taking an A2 exam could attempt it in some form. Ridicule can be very effective! Throughout your course so far you have already become adept at applying language frameworks to any texts that you encounter. Possible ideas might include: Take a concept, theory or idea about language and see if it seems to be valid in a different time period Take a concept, theory or idea and see if it seems to apply to a different group of people age, gender, social group, culture, sexuality etc.

These frameworks will vary widely depending upon the area that you are investigating. Other kinds of investigation may be unaffected.

aqa a level english language coursework language investigation
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