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Can the dissertation in practice bridge the researcher practioner gap?

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Likewise, Duke and Beck encourage consideration of two key questions when engaged in the decision process of alternative dissertations; 1. Can the dissertation in practice bridge the researcher practioner gap? Maxwell, T. The Faculty Member must be able to use Microsoft Office products, and must have reliable Internet access as well as alternate access as needed. This can be done at the institutional level with other graduate faculty. Again, we encourage faculty to begin discussions of mentoring nontraditional dissertations before they engage in the practice. The deposition of theses and dissertations into institutional repositories without also submitting these publications to GeoRef or ProQuest. The more detail the better as this can serve as a defacto contract for all members of the com- mittee. Dissertations, Academic. This section will address those considerations and challenges, as well as provide suggestions for best practices in consideration of engaging in alternative dissertation formats as it relates to the authors experience in mentoring students who have completed this type of dissertation. Although there is variation from institution to institution as to when this is step is completed, adoption of an alternative format to the dissertation will require earlier conceptualization of what the format will take e.

Although discipline specific, future work as a scholar will rarely necessitate engaging in the production of a document similar to a traditional dissertation and in a likewise manner. The emergence of the nontraditional doctorate: A historical overview. The lengthened time to translate the dissertation into a format more suitable to publication sets the new PhD at a disadvantage within the academy with increasing pressures to publish, irrespective of institutional type.

Education should consider alternative formats for the dissertation.

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The formation and function of what has come to be termed the dissertation committee will be altered in the process of engaging in an alternative dis- sertation. As such, it is important that all committee members be continually reminded that the student is just that… a student.

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Paleontology and Public Lands August 7, For scientists, geoscientists and paleontologists in particular, access to public lands is crucial. Poggenpohl, S.

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Mentoring students engaging in scholarly projects and dissertations in doctoral nursing programs.