Case study of rural marketing

At Kota, the space along station road near Manoj Cinema is used for this purpose. Powered by the IT tools it has further improved customer service, while ensuring superior availability and impactful visibility at retail points.

In earlyas it reviewed its past performance, HLL realized that bulk of its future growth was likely to come from rural areas. Rural income levels were largely dependent on the vagaries of monsoon, and demand was not easy to predict. Other markets are isolated. The Registered Wholesaler system, therefore, increased the distribution reach of the company to a larger number of customers.

rural marketing initiatives in india

Such mobile traders are common throughout the region. HUL soon realized that the RS would be able to provide customer service only if he was serviced well. The sub stockist is known as the Star seller for that area. Large retailers also placed direct orders, which comprised almost 30 per cent of the total orders collected.

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Hero Honda's Rural Marketing Initiatives in India