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However, Congress has power to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying out the powers in any department or officer.

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The FBI is charged with solving crimes such as kidnapping, espionage, sabotage, bank robbery, extortion, interstate transportation of stolen property, civil rights violations, interstate gambling violations, fraud against the government, and the assault or killing of a federal officer or the president. No party can enter into the productive activity covered by the act without prior license from the agency—for example, no utility can start up a nuclear power plant unless first approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Independent Agencies — Independent agencies, as the name implies, operate with a degree of independence or autonomy from the executive branch. Federal Administrative Agencies On the federal level, business and individual matters are addressed by such agencies as the farm credit administration, small business administration, commodity futures trading commission, Federal Trade Commission , Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation , office of thrift supervision, internal revenue service, department of commerce, Interstate Commerce Commission , and Securities and Exchange Commission. Authored by: Anonymous. One consequence of this distinction is that the rules that independent agencies promulgate may not be reviewed by the president or his staff—only Congress may directly overrule them—whereas the White House or officials in the various cabinet departments may oversee the work of the agencies contained within them unless specifically denied the power by Congress. From the s through , however, Congress passed deregulatory measures, and the ICC was formally abolished in , with its powers transferred to the Surface Transportation Board.

Thus, the individual states have agencies that control transportation, public healthpublic assistance, education, natural resources, labor, law enforcement, agriculture, commerce, and revenue.

Unlike courts, administrative agencies are charged with the responsibility of carrying out a specific assignment or reaching a goal or set of goals.

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Opponents argue that swiftness and ease at the expense of fairness are no virtues, but while the debate continues, administrative agencies thrive.

By contrast, a head of an executive agency generally serves at the pleasure of the president. Main article: Government agencies in Sweden The Government agencies in Sweden are State controlled organizations who act independently to carry out the policies of the Government of Sweden.

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Administrative agencies are created by the federal Constitution, the U. A parole board, for example, holds informal hearings during which prisoners are allowed to offer evidence of their suitability for early release from incarceration. The heads of the executive agencies are cabinet members who report directly to and are closely controlled by the President.

Most administrative agencies fall under the control of the executive branch.

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Discussion Input When considering the vast number of laws in the US legal system, the difficulty in developing regulations, and the requirements to enforce them, it makes a strong argument for the need for and utility of administrative agencies. Furthermore, agencies include the public in their rule-making processes. The social upheaval of the s spawned agencies designed to improve urban areas, provide opportunities for people who were historically disadvantaged and marginalized, and promote artistic endeavors. They are not to remain neutral on the various issues of the day; they must act. Professionalism The modern administrative society is based on the concept of professionalism. Thus the free market in actual terms—and not in theory—consists of commerce legally constrained by what is economically desirable and by what is socially desirable as well. This tendency has led many critics to charge that the creation of agencies circumvents the constitutional directive that laws are to be created by elected officials.
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Administrative Agencies